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“The Vatican Library Jewelry Collection”

Donald Bruce Company


THE ALDORANDINI RING – is inspired by the mural, “The Aldobrandini Wedding”, a fresco acquired by Pius VII in 1818, for the Vatican Library.  This extended frieze is an artistic description of a traditional wedding ceremony in the century before the Christian Era.  The design of this ring creates a dynamic circular motion, showing different scenes of the wedding, while symbolizing everlasting love.

THE MONACO DI REIMS RING – has been adapted from the cross motifs found on the Script, Roberto, Monaco di Reims of the Vatican Library.  The cross motif is a prominent pattern found within the Vatican Library and Christian art.  In Christian context, the cross represents salvation through Christ’s sacrifice.  The cross was said to be a Christian symbol before the toleration of Christianity, as shown by a vision of Constantine I.  The vertical and horizontal planes combine the two elements of Christ.  The vertical represents God’s heavenly existence, while the horizontal axis symbolizes God’s earthly existence.

NATIVITY PIN/PENDANT – has been minted with fine 14KT Gold, under strict quality control standards.  To demonstrate authenticity, each piece has been stamped with a limited edition control number and Vatican Library Seal on the reverse side.  The Nativity Medallion has a matte finish, surrounded with a high polished 14KT frame, adorned with four full cut diamonds, totaling ten points.  Each gift ensemble includes a presentation box, gift bag, Vatican Library brochure, and bookmark.

CROSS of ORATIONS – is inspired by the letters and orations of the Roman humanists to Christian princes, in support of uniting a great crusade to recover Constantinople from the Turk.  This design is inspired by a print of the Vatican Library, which demonstrates a Roman humanist presenting a book of letters and orations to a Christian prince, seated at throne.  In this ornate cross, the Ruby symbolizes royalty, dignity, power, love, passion and beauty.


“Eliminate Poverty Housing Now”

Habitat for Humanity


WHO WE ARE – Formed in 1988, as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, we are a non-profit, ecumenical organization founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live.  We build with people in need regardless of race or religion.

BECOME A VOLUNTEER – Our ministry would not be possible without the help of our volunteers.  We host over 400 volunteers  each year, from all backgrounds, with varying skill sets and from ages 16 to 100. We have a project ready just for you, too! You can volunteer as an individual or a group (high schools, colleges, corporations, churches and civil organizations). Days and times vary for each volunteer/group.

RACINE HABITAT FACTS – Racine Habitat, along with our volunteers and partnering families, Rehabiliate existing houses or build new homes for low income families. To date, over 65 homes have been completed throughout Racine. Habitat homes are sold to our partnering families through non-profit, no interest loans, ranging from 20 to 30 years. Homeowner families are required to invest  300 “sweat equity” labor hours into the construction of houses.  Racine Habitat is able to maintain low costs due to our countless volunteers and financial supporters.  Criteria for selecting homeowners is based on the following principles: The families need for adequate shelter, the ability to pay, and the willingness to partner with Habitat.

DONATE – Thanks to your support, Habitat is transforming the lives of families throughout Racine and around the world! Research has shown that decent housing improves health, increases children’s educational achievement and strengthens community ties.

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